Mike Novakoski is co-author of “Become Unmistakeable: Start the Journey from Commodity to Oddity” and author of “Unmistakably Elzinga & Volkers – 70 Years of People, Projects and Passion.” Mike discusses how to use a right-brain approach to put people first and help people get connected in order to reduce turnover, develop talent and create more engaged teams.

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Become Unmistakable: Start the Journey from Commodity to Oddity

Break Free From Ordinary Business Leadership

How do you lead your business?

No two companies operate the same way and neither should their styles of leadership. Unfortunately, many corporations use the same leadership methodologies and are afraid of deviating from the status quo. Business partners Michael D. Novakoski and John M. Parker of EV Construction, a Michigan-based construction company, believed a different way was possible.

Novakoski and Parker examine how business leaders can tap into their “right-brained leadership” to foster a creative and employee-centric culture. This book will show you how changing your leadership perspective and moving away from the commodity mindset can reap immeasurable benefits to your business.